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Style & quality.

Champagne Swim is made with some of the highest quality swimwear fabrics worldwide. Quality matters. Durability matters. These suits are created to be beautiful, comfortable, soft, and long lasting when properly cared for. 

Champagne Swim accentuates the beauty of basics, because sometimes we just need simple. Simplistic designs and smooth lines that flatter every body type with more prints, stitching, colors, and collections to come.

What flatters your body type? Whatever suit you feel confident in. We provide the quality, you provide the beauty. You'll look great in anything when you feel good in it.


Featuring you.

I want all of you to be a part of this. Models don't have to have tons of followers or be a certain size to be included in our shoots for our social media and website.

I want you all to remember that your bikini size or height or weight doesn't matter. You can wear whatever you want and feel sexy and strong doing it. All women are real women and we need to start sharing that with the world. Skinny, curvy, heavy, muscular, and everything in between.

Every single one of you will have the chance to be a model if you want to be. I'm just a normal girl too. We all are.